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Birthday Trail For Bianca!

Posted on Sat April 4, 2020.

Khaya Hanci Horsetrails recently hosted a full day birthday surprise trail ride for Bianca Liebenberg!

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Stay Healthy!

Posted on Wed March 18, 2020.

Wishing you health and strength during the current crisis.

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Goodbye From Sabrina

Posted on Thu May 2, 2019.

"Time that we take for ourselves, is the time that gives us something"

Two months in South Africa just came to an end. My arrival at Khaya Hanci feels like such a long time ago. But now I don’t know where the time went. It feels so short and I had such a great time. Especially working with the horses; that was the best experience yet. Moreover, there were so many cute dogs, wonderful people, new friends and incredible experiences I have made.
The daily work with the horses was really great but the best were the trails with horses to Moholoholo. Looking for native animals sitting on a horse's back is really special. Seeing so many wild animals and workings with horses on a daily basis together is a dream come true. From the horses with a bad past in particular, I learned so many new things about communication and training with horses. It’s so great to see a horse building trust although it made such horrible experiences with humans.

Sometimes we did trips or hikes and learned about the local people living in South Africa, the nature, and of course about the animals.
Jürgen and Uli do all they can to to make the things you want to do come true.
In the end the only thing to say is that it was such a great time, and I’m sure I’ll come back.

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Memories From Magda!

Posted on Sat March 30, 2019.

When I arrived at Khaya Hanci I thought it must be paradise.
The first thing that happened when we got out of the car was a million of dogs running towards us; so happy that somebody arrived. In fact there are "only" 14 dogs, most of them rescues living free on the farm in a big friendly pack. If you think about it, it is amazing how well trained and socialized they are.

Then there are the horses.
Big ones, small ones, young and old ones, well trained ones and some that are still almost untouchable.
In fact the development of two of the rescue horses, that must have gone through unbelievable brutality and cruelty caused by humans, is the most impressive thing that I experienced here.
When I arrived in January they did not even eat threats out of your hand. When I left in March you could brush the one all over it's body. And all these little steps and the time and patience everybody spent on this horse has been given to all of the other horses, too. Almost all of the rescue horses have come from slaughter auctions or people that have treated them in a brutal way or just neglected them. And if you look at them now they are well trained, a little bit fat and each and every one of them are just lovely.

My time volunteering at this wonderful place allowed me to be part a great team of horse-loving people that are doing such fantastic and important work for the sake of those amazing animals.
I will be coming back soon!!

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Kerstin's Stay At Khaya Hanci!

Posted on Sun March 17, 2019.

I came to Khaya Hanci in the December 2018, after Uli ‘rescued’ me from another place I used to work for (it was not a very good place).
It was the best thing which could have happened to me. I have had the best time ever at this wonderful and lovely place!

During my 3 month stay I learnt a lot about rescued horses and also about myself. As a horse trail guide and instructor, I used to work every day with horses but never with horses who were totally traumatized and untouchable. I worked a lot with them, especially Olli and Giotto. These horses taught me a lot about trust, patience and that things will happen when it has to happen at the right time and for the right reason.

Beside the work with the rescues I also worked a lot with the trail horses. I had a special bond with Snickers and Mr. Tom. These two are absolutely my favorites. I took Snickers out on trail for his second time and he was absolutely gorgeous. But all of the horses are special and great. I loved to work with every single horse at Khaya Hanci. I miss them all a lot and the 15 dogs they have. Especially my little friend Lioness!

Uli and Jürgen have built a magnificent place for horses and dogs and volunteers as well. It felt like home and I was welcomed by the open and generous hearts Uli and Jürgen have. They’re such wonderful and kind people which is reflected in the whole atmosphere and place.

I really really loved to stay at Khaya Hanci. I had the best time and I enjoyed every single day there. Uli, Jürgen and also Anna, Carmen and Magda made me feel like home and family. I want to thank them all for everything!! You’re such amazing friends I want never miss anymore in my life! I miss you all a lot and hope to see you all soon again!!
Hugs and kisses!!!

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