Kerstin's Stay At Khaya Hanci!

Posted on Sun March 17, 2019.

I came to Khaya Hanci in the December 2018, after Uli ‘rescued’ me from another place I used to work for (it was not a very good place).
It was the best thing which could have happened to me. I have had the best time ever at this wonderful and lovely place!

During my 3 month stay I learnt a lot about rescued horses and also about myself. As a horse trail guide and instructor, I used to work every day with horses but never with horses who were totally traumatized and untouchable. I worked a lot with them, especially Olli and Giotto. These horses taught me a lot about trust, patience and that things will happen when it has to happen at the right time and for the right reason.

Beside the work with the rescues I also worked a lot with the trail horses. I had a special bond with Snickers and Mr. Tom. These two are absolutely my favorites. I took Snickers out on trail for his second time and he was absolutely gorgeous. But all of the horses are special and great. I loved to work with every single horse at Khaya Hanci. I miss them all a lot and the 15 dogs they have. Especially my little friend Lioness!

Uli and Jürgen have built a magnificent place for horses and dogs and volunteers as well. It felt like home and I was welcomed by the open and generous hearts Uli and Jürgen have. They’re such wonderful and kind people which is reflected in the whole atmosphere and place.

I really really loved to stay at Khaya Hanci. I had the best time and I enjoyed every single day there. Uli, Jürgen and also Anna, Carmen and Magda made me feel like home and family. I want to thank them all for everything!! You’re such amazing friends I want never miss anymore in my life! I miss you all a lot and hope to see you all soon again!!
Hugs and kisses!!!