Our Horses

Catch Me

Name: Catch Me
Age: 9
Color: Palomino
Breed: Unknown

Catch Me If You Can is the sole ride of owner Ulrike, and is such a beautiful horse!
He was terribly abused the past, and is still nervous of loud or sudden noises although years of therapy has restored his confidence and he is a pleasure to work with!
Catch loves attention, and is always one of the first to approach you in the paddock; although occasionally he sees the halter and heads the other way!


Name: Bounty
Age: 9
Color: Strawberry Roan
Breed: Unknown

Bounty is a beautiful gelding of unique coloration! Decked out in his tan western trail tack, he is utterly photogenic!
He is from a trail background, but was left on the farm before joining the herd at Khaya Hanci.
A sensitive but well-schooled ride, he is trained in all disciplines but requires a soft and relaxed rider to enjoy his work. He is a favorite of Anna's, who loves to take him out on the reserve!


Smokey Joe

Name: Smokey Joe
Age: 12
Color: Grey
Breed: Warmblood x

Smokey Joe came to us having had some unknown and traumatic experiences. He was incredibly nervous of people; shying away from any contact and handling.
He was given to Khaya Hanci with the hope that time in a herd would settle him; and since then the change is incredible!
Joe now comes to you in the paddock for attention and treats, and is working nicely both on the lunge and in the arena.


Name: KitKat
Age: 2
Color: Pinto (Brown/White)
Breed: Thoroughbred x

KitKat and Smarties were both rescued from neglect as yearlings and were incredibly thin and malnourished when they arrived.
With some TLC, and good nutrition they have put on weight, established themselves in the herd, and grown!
These two youngsters have so much potential and they have taken to their work with ease. Nothing fazes them, and they adore attention just like the cheeky youngsters that they are.

Milky Way

Name: Milky Way
Age: 3
Color: Dun
Breed: Unknown

Milky came to us from the slaughter auction and was terrified of people. He was emaciated, and had been lacking in nutrition during the vital years of his growth.
It took a long time for him to gain our trust; even with little things such as picking up his hooves and walking in-hand.
He is now filling out and enjoying the attention; particularly being brushed and washed! We are sure he will grow up to be a beautiful and handsome boy.


Name: Oliver
Age: Unknown
Color: Black






Name: Twix
Age: 6
Color: Liver Chestnut
Breed: Saddler x

Twix is a gorgeous saddler-cross with lovely movement, and a firm favorite in the dressage arena! He has a lovely floating canter and is wonderfully schooled; making him perfect for more novice riders. He enjoys going on trail as long as he does not have to lead, and is very popular with guests.
He was neglected early on in life, and was not cared for or fed correctly, but luckily since arriving at Khaya Hanci, he has thrived and loves to canter around the paddock with Mr Tom!

Mr Tom

Name: Mr Tom
Age: 5
Color: Chestnut
Breed: Appaloosa x

Born on a truck heading for a slaughter auction, Mr Tom was luckily saved and grew up on a farm with positive contact from people.
Flashy with a white face and 3 socks, he can be slightly head shy but just needs a gentle touch, and he is thriving in the herd here at Khaya Hanci.
He has a wonderful work ethic and despite being green shows great promise in the arena and has a good future ahead of him as a lead out on trail.


Name: Oreo
Age: 8 months
Color: Dark Bay

Rescued from the slaughter truck this baby has never known any affection from humans.
He arrived starving, scared and incapable of being handled.
It has taken patience, time and lots of tenderness but he is now taking treats from our hand, and allowing us to give him a gentle brush.
He is still so young, and so we are happy not to rush him, as he deserves to live life as a horse should; happy and confident in a herd!



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